Parsing C header files into FFI definitions


CPARSE is a tool written by Timothy Moore to parse C header files into FFI definitions. The tool will initially support only CMUCL FFI definitions but will be extended to support the generic UFFI library.

Current maintainer is Christian Lynbech.

Note that cparse is somewhat limited in its ability to understand C header files. In particular, CPARSE does not have a concept of macros as the header files are preprocessed prior to CPARSE handling. Other approaches certainly exists, for instance FFIGEN.


2004/03/30 This marks the release of version 0.2.4 of cparse, the first release from its new home at This release is a clean release of the sources contributed by Timothy Moore. Its CVS tag is CPARSE_0_2_4.


This are the current plans/ideas for CPARSE. Feel free to make further suggestions on the mailing list.

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You can browse our CVS repository or download the current development tree via anonymous cvs, as described here

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